DNF tracer Plugin


Calls tracer after every successful transaction. It finds running applications which are outdated by transaction’s packages.

There you can see DNF output with dnf-plugins-extras-tracer installed:

$[FrostyX  ~]-> sudo dnf update vim-X11
Running transaction
  Upgrading    : vim-common-2:7.4.179-1.fc20.i686                           1/6
  Upgrading    : vim-X11-2:7.4.179-1.fc20.i686                              2/6
  Upgrading    : vim-enhanced-2:7.4.179-1.fc20.i686                         3/6

  vim-X11.i686 2:7.4.179-1.fc20           vim-common.i686 2:7.4.179-1.fc20
  vim-enhanced.i686 2:7.4.179-1.fc20

You should restart:


It is a good idea to restart those applications, because they can be potentially dangerous. They can contain old security issues, which are fixed in new version.


DNF command for tracer does only one thing. Directly executes tracer with passed arguments.

# You can choose which one you like better
sudo tracer <arguments>
# or
sudo dnf tracer <arguments>

For example usage or possible arguments please visit it’s documentation.

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