DNF copr Plugin

Work with Copr & Playground repositories on the local system.

  • The copr command is used to add or remove Copr repositories to the local system
  • The playground is used to enable or disable the Playground repository


dnf copr [enable|disable|list|search] <parameters>

dnf playground [enable|disable|upgrade]

Arguments (copr)

enable name/project [chroot]
Enable the name/project Copr repository with the optional chroot.
disable name/project
Disable the name/project Copr repository.
list name
List available Copr repositories for a given name.
search project
Search for a given project.

Arguments (playground)

Enable the Playground repository.
Disable the Playground repository.
Upgrade the Playground repository settings (same as disable and then enable).


copr enable rhscl/perl516 epel-6-x86_64
Enable the rhscl/perl516 Copr repository, using the epel-6-x86_64 chroot.
copr disable rhscl/perl516
Disable the rhscl/perl516 Copr repository
copr list rita
List available Copr projects for user rita.
copr search tests
Search for Copr projects named tests.

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