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Mock » Mock Core Configs

A 'simple' chroot build environment manager for building RPMs.

Mock core configs

Mock project provides the mock-core-configs package which installs the default configuration files for various RPM-based Linux distributions. This packages is typically installed with Mock by default (runtime dependency).

Other projects can provide their own configuration files in other packages, we know of:


The configuration in this package maintained by the community. When encountering an issue please use your best judgement to decide whether a Mock config is broken, or the distribution is broken.

Mock config issues

If a Mock config is broken (e.g. #756), please create a ticket for this repository and tag the responsible maintainer from the table below.

Distribution or repository issues

If a distribution or repository is broken (e.g. #889), please report the issue to the appropriate issue tracker for the distribution.


Distribution Chroots Maintainer Distribution or repository issue tracker
AlmaLinux almalinux-* @Conan-Kudo Issues
Amazon Linux 2 amazonlinux-2-* @stewartsmith NA
Amazon Linux amazonlinux-* @amazonlinux Issues
Anolis anolis-* NA Issues
CentOS Stream centos-stream* @rpm-software-management Issues
CentOS Linux centos* @rpm-software-management NA
Circle Linux circlelinux-* @bella485 Issues
EuroLinux eurolinux-* @nkadel Issues
Fedora ELN fedora-eln-* @fedora-eln Issues
Fedora fedora-* NA Issues
Mageia mageia-* @Conan-Kudo Issues
openEuler openeuler-* @Yikun NA
OpenMandriva openmandriva-* berolinux Issues
RHEL rhel-* @rpm-software-management Issues
Rocky Linux rocky-* @nazunalika Issues