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Mock » Plugin BindMount

A 'simple' chroot build environment manager for building RPMs.

This plugin enables setting up bind mountpoints inside the chroot. It is enabled by default but has no paths setup for bind mounts.


In your config file insert the following lines:

config_opts['plugin_conf']['bind_mount_enable'] = True
config_opts['plugin_conf']['bind_mount_opts']['dirs'].append(('/host/path', '/bind/mount/path/in/chroot/' ))

The /host/path is the path to a directory on the host that will be the source of a bind-mount, while the /bind/mount/path/in/chroot is the path where it will be mounted inside the chroot.

Starting from version 1.4.10 it will work for files too. Just be aware that files are still put in ‘dirs’ directive. E.g.,

 config_opts['plugin_conf']['bind_mount_opts']['dirs'].append(('/host/path/file.txt', '/bind/mount/path/in/chroot/file.txt' ))

If you want the bind mounts to be available to all configurations, edit the configuration file.

/builddir/ cleanup

WARNING! The build user’s homedir (/builddir) is partially cleaned up even when --no-clean is specified in order to prevent garbage from previous builds from altering successive builds. Mock can be configured to exclude certain files/directories from this. Default is SOURCES directory to support nosrc rpms:

config_opts['exclude_from_homedir_cleanup'] = ['build/SOURCES']

Paths are relative to build user’s homedir.

So if you do something like this:

config_opts['plugin_conf']['bind_mount_opts']['dirs'].append((os.path.expanduser('~/MyProject'), '/builddir/MyProject' ))

Then you SHOULD do:

config_opts['exclude_from_homedir_cleanup'] = ['build/SOURCES', 'MyProject']

otherwise your ~/MyProject will be wiped out! Other option is to not mount it under /builddir, but somewhere else (/opt, /mnt…).

Set options from command line

mock '--plugin-option=bind_mount:dirs=[("/host/dir", "/mount/path/in/chroot/")]' --init

:warning: Note that command line arguments override configs (not append them).

:notebook: Since version mock-1.4.10 and newer you can bind mount even single files.