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Mock » Plugin CCache

A 'simple' chroot build environment manager for building RPMs.

The ccache plugin is a compiler cache plugin. It is disabled by default and has an upper limit of 4GB of ccache data.

Note: this plugin was enabled by default in mock-1.2.14 and older.


The ccache plugin is enabled by default and has the following values built-in:

config_opts['plugin_conf']['ccache_enable'] = True
config_opts['plugin_conf']['ccache_opts']['max_cache_size'] = '4G'
config_opts['plugin_conf']['ccache_opts']['compress'] = None
config_opts['plugin_conf']['ccache_opts']['dir'] = "%(cache_topdir)s/%(root)s/ccache/u%(chrootuid)s/"

To turn on ccache compression, use the following in a config file:

config_opts['plugin_conf']['ccache_opts']['compress'] = 'on'

The value specified is not important, this just triggers the setting of the CCACHE_COMPRESS environment variable, which is what the ccache program uses to determine if compression of cache elements is desired.