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Mock » Plugin Mount

A 'simple' chroot build environment manager for building RPMs.

This plugin allows you to mount directories into chroot. The mount plugin is enabled by default, but has no configured directories to mount.


You can disable this plugin by:

config_opts['plugin_conf']['mount_enable'] = False

you can configure this plugin by:

config_opts['plugin_conf']['mount_enable'] = True
config_opts['plugin_conf']['mount_opts']['dirs'].append(("/dev/device", "/mount/path/in/chroot/", "vfstype", "mount_options"))

A real life example:

config_opts['plugin_conf']['mount_opts']['dirs'].append(("", "/mnt/data", "nfs", "rw,hard,intr,nosuid,nodev,noatime,tcp"))

/builddir/ cleanup

WARNING! The build user’s homedir (/builddir) is partially cleaned up even when --no-clean is specified in order to prevent garbage from previous builds from altering successive builds. Mock can be configured to exclude certain files/directories from this. Default is SOURCES directory to support nosrc rpms:

config_opts['exclude_from_homedir_cleanup'] = ['build/SOURCES']

Paths are relative to build user’s homedir.

So if you do something like this:

config_opts['plugin_conf']['bind_mount_opts']['dirs'].append((os.path.expanduser('~/MyProject'), '/builddir/MyProject' ))

Then you SHOULD do:

config_opts['exclude_from_homedir_cleanup'] = ['build/SOURCES', 'MyProject']

otherwise your ~/MyProject will be wiped out! Other option is to not mount it under /builddir, but somewhere else (/opt, /mnt…).