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Mock » Release Notes 1.4.14

A 'simple' chroot build environment manager for building RPMs.

Released on 2019-02-19.

Release together with mock-core-configs-30.1 which has these changes:

Mock new features:

# define your own config variable
config_opts['fedora_number'] = '30'
config_opts['root'] = 'fedora--x86_64'
config_opts['dist'] = 'fc'

Another - more general - example from site-defaults.cfg:

# You can use jinja templates, e.g.:
# config_opts['foobar'] = ' bar'
# which will result in 'bar bar' (using value defined few lines above)
# more complicated example:
# config_opts['foo'] = ""
# which will result in "True"

This feature can simplify mock’s configs in the future. I intentionally did not use it now, because it is too fresh. Please experiment with this feature on your own and report any error or issues. If there would be none, then I will start using it in main configs.

## decompress_program is needed only for bsdtar, otherwise `compress_program` with `-d` is used
## for bsdtar use "unpigz" or "gunzip"
# config_opts['plugin_conf']['root_cache_opts']['decompress_program'] = "pigz"


config_opts['bootstrap_chroot_additional_packages'] = []
config_opts['bootstrap_module_enable'] = []
config_opts['bootstrap_module_install'] = []

This is now commented out by default, and the defaults are set in mock code. You can still override it in site-defaults.cfg.

Following contributors contributed to this release:

Thank you.