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Mock » Release Notes 1.4.21

A 'simple' chroot build environment manager for building RPMs.

Released on 2019-11-01.

Mock-core-configs 31.7

Mock 1.4.21 bugfixes:

This is a bugfix-only release. There is already ongoing work on 1.5.0 version. I cherry-picked some commits, which resolves some painfull bugs:

There were some issue with initialization of “Container image for bootstrap” feature. GH#380. This is now fixed. As side effect there are two changes. Download of container image has been moved from root_cache plugin to main Mock code. As result you do not need to have root cache enabled to use this feature. Second, distribution-gpg-keys are always copied to bootstrap chroot if you use bootstrap container feature.

Commands --install and --installdeps now works with bootstrap RHBZ#1447627

There was an ugly bug, which involved systemd, CGroups v2 and SELinux and can lead to complete freeze of a system. This has been now resolved. RHBZ#1756972

Rarely you may hit bug with incorrect rpmbuildstate. This is now fixed. GH#349.

Following contributors contributed to this release:

Thank you.