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Mock » Release Notes 1.4.8

A 'simple' chroot build environment manager for building RPMs.

Released on 2017-12-22.


You can run:

    mock --config-opts yum_command=/usr/bin/yum-deprecated --enable-network

which will set:

    config_opts['system_yum_command'] = '/usr/bin/yum'

or for a list:

    mock --config-opts extra_chroot_dirs=/mnt/b --config-opts extra_chroot_dirs=/mnt/a

which will set

    config_opts['extra_chroot_dirs'] = ['/mnt/b', '/mnt/a']

or list with a single item:

    mock --config-opts extra_chroot_dirs=/mnt/b --config-opts extra_chroot_dirs=

which will set

    config_opts['extra_chroot_dirs'] = ['/mnt/b']

It can detect boolean:

    mock --config-opts nosync=False --debug-config |grep nosync
    config_opts['nosync'] = False

A specialized option has priority. Therefore:

    mock --config-opts rpmbuild_networking=False --enable-network --debug-config |grep rpmbuild_networking
    config_opts['rpmbuild_networking'] = True

It is unable to set complicated variables. Like config_opts[‘plugin_conf’][‘package_state_opts’] or anything which has dictionary as value.


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